Keystone Builder’s commercial portfolio incudes an extensive apartment complex remodeling project. Forty buildings in 144 units were involved requiring new roofs, furnaces, windows, doors, and insulation. “We started in December and finished in early April, but the great thing was that the residents never moved out while we compelted the work. That required a lot of planning, execution, and reliable workers to be there when we needed them.”

Keystone has built multiple apartment communities and Mike attributes his commercial opportunities to the building of his first company office, located in two buildings on a golf course. “As a results of those two, I have built another 20 office buildings.”

No matter what your needs are, whether it’s a large product or a modest one, Keystone Builders has a wide range of capabilities. With decades of knowledge and a long client list, their is little that we haven’t seen or constructed ourselves. If you are interested in more information for your commercial needs, Mike is available to answer your questions.


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